DELICCIO's story began in 2013 with a clear and unique vision for the future of fast food. Our customers understand and appreciate that our cooking is different.

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About Us

DELICCIO has grown to include four wonderful takeout locations with more to come in the near future. Our team takes pride in the fact that we can provide our new and loyal customers.

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Upcoming Events

Life Drawing
A mini holiday for the creative mind.

Jelly Liverpool
Don’t labour alone in the solitary salt mines! Jelly Liverpool is a casual all day work-together.

Out of the Bedroom
Nothing beats an evening of live music, especially in Liverpool.

Spotify Wednesdays
Every Wednesday LEAF lets you indulge in some of your favourite tracks.


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    “Excellent food, excellent service. I visit the restaurant once a week! ... Nick ”

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    hank you very much, as we had an enjoyable evening at your restaurant and the meals were perfect.

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